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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A New School Year!

Well, the kids don't ride the bus to school and while I'm in a truthful mood these pictures aren't even from the first day of school.  I am not really sure when these pictures were taken but I don't think that the kids aged too much from the first day.  The Critters get to ride in the "Mom Bus" the quarter of a mile to school.  It takes more time to get them into the car than it does to drive them up the hill to school.

To say the kids love school this year would be an understatement.  The only problem with their class is their buddy Rawlins isn't in the class.  Their teachers are wonderful this year, Miss Larkin and Miss Perrier.  The kids absolutely adore these two.

Here are a few pics from their first (wink, wink) day of school:

Brother with Miss Larkin.

The new classroom.

Brother and Hadley with Miss Larkin.

The Cat being 'The Cat.'

The outside patio.


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