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Monday, December 3, 2012

Florida Seafood Festival 2012

Well we have made it a little tradition in our family to head down to Apalachicola the first weekend in November for the Seafood Festival.  It is a typical local (ruralish) country parade and festival.  I can say that it brings out a bevy of interesting folks.  Grandma B headed up on Friday and after a lengthy delay in Lake City, due to an accident (not her), she finally made it up.
We headed out early Saturday morning to make sure that we made the parade.  Unfortunately this year there were no small children strapped to the hoods of cars.  You are probably thinking what the heck are you talking about.  Well, in the parade they have all types of little princesses and for some reason they would put the kids on the hoods of the cars and drive slowly down the parade route.  Don't worry though the kids were held in place on the hood by bungee cords.  If you have a really puzzled look on your face right now you can imagine my reaction to seeing it live.  I would think that the local authorities and child safety experts had a chat with the folks down there. 
After the parade we headed over to Battery Park to get us some shrimp for lunch.  As usual the local high school stand did not disappoint.  After getting our fill and watching the oyster eating contest, we headed to downtown Appalach.  We were able to get the rest of the kids pent up energy out running around the waterfront.
After a long day we packed up the troops and headed home.  Here are a few picks from the festival:

The start of the parade.

CarCar does not like loud noises.

Steve Southerland, our State Congressman, giving Rian some love.

The Sisters.

Brother loved the horses in the parade.

The Critters got to ride real horses at the festival, twice!

Brother was loving it.


CarCar taking a spin.

Brother on the huge horse.


Your typical family shot on an over sized Adirondack chair.

Brothers second go around on the horses.

Haddie again.

We have taken a picture on this bench each year we have gone to the festival, this was this years attempt.

Another attempt.

The birds outside of the Tin Shed.

Another shot outside of the Tin Shed.

The fountain along the river.
Haddie and dad waiting for everyone to finish shopping.

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