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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Jack o' Lantern this year.
By now you have already seen the Critters Halloween costumes from the way earlier post about Trunk or Treat, but to bring everyone else up to speed the Critters were their lovies this year, a pig, a giraffe, and a horse. 
The Critters had their Halloween Parade and Party at their school earlier in the day.  This is the first program at their school that I couldn't attend.  Luckily, Rian was there with the trusty camera snapping away.
We headed over to Aunt Donna's house first to kick off Candyfest 2012.  Aunt Donna did not disappoint, she loaded their bags down with goodies.  After Aunt Donna's we headed over to Summerbrooke to Trick or Treat with Katie, Jason, Colin, Campbell, and friends.  It was a great neighborhood to let the kids loose in.  Later in the night we loaded up in trucks and headed over to a street that was fully decked out and doling out candy by the handful.
The Critters finally succumbed to sleep, but not before having a few pieces of sugary goodness.
Here are a few pics:

Haddie and Brother @ the parade.

Haddie, Brother, and Carson's back.

The class.

The spread at the class party.

Trick or Treat, Aunt Donna!

The whole crew before heading out.

You had to walk under the spooky cat to get your candy at this house.

Brother with all of his spoils.

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