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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Great Tube Slide Caper

Its been a while hasn't it?  Well, now that the previously unmentioned, but hinted at, event is behind us I will discuss it now.  We had an accident in the family in mid-September.  Haddie and I were going down a slide together and her leg got caught up and well it snapped.  One of the most sickening sounds, and it is extremely difficult to get that out of your head.  We reached the bottom of the slide and I immediately told Rian that Haddie broke her leg, I am all too familiar with the sound of breaking bones.  To Haddie's credit she cried for all of 1 minute, that's it.  We took her to the TMH emergency clinic.  The folks there refused to believe that she had a broken leg by her demeanor.  I even bought into this optimism, even though I knew better.  The optimism was short lived when we saw the X-Ray.  She had a spiral/radial fracture of the Tibia. 

I took Haddie to the bone doctors the next day to get her cast.  As I was signing in I had to confirm that they had pink casting, otherwise we would have to find another doctor as anything but pink would be unacceptable.  I think there would be more tears shed over the color of the cast than actually breaking her leg.  Haddie was placed in a long leg cast, pink of course, for three weeks.  We even got her a little people wheelchair, which I had no idea they actually made.  After the three weeks she was able to get a short leg/walking cast, pink and purple swirls this time. 

To say she was a trooper through all of this would be an understatement.  She handled the whole ordeal like a Champ. 

So the take-away lesson for today is DON'T RIDE DOWN SLIDES, ESPECIALLY TUBE SLIDES, WITH YOUR KIDS ON YOUR LAP.  (Even the NY Times had an article on this [click here].  Would have been great to see this before September!)

Here are a few pics:

The scene of the accident (the red tube slide).

Haddie after getting her pink long leg cast.

Haddie in her little people wheelchair.
A sweet note from her class.

The short leg swirl cast.

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  1. Hadley was a trooper! The thought of that sound just sent chills down my spine! :( Yikes. Glad she's all better now!