Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sea World

A couple of days after Christmas we headed to Sea World thanks to the kindness of one of Grandma Kate's co-workers we got free tickets.  The crew consisted of me, Rian, Grandma B, Aunt Jane, and the Critters.  It was a bit blustery that day so we had to bundle up.  Luckily, most of the animals don't really care if it is cold outside since they are under water or used to it.
The Critters loved it there.  There were tons of animals and shows that they actually sat through without fussing.  There was even a show with a sea otter in it, which of coarse thrilled CarCar.  Haddie was also over the moon that they had manatees, albeit hurt ones, but manatees all the same.
Of coarse we had to do the Shamu show and we had to sneak into the handicap section to find seats.  The weird thing is the handicap seats are right at the edge of the splash zone.  Doesn't really seem like an appropriate location to me.  Nonetheless we stretched the truth about Haddie's broken leg, we failed to mention that it was broken four months earlier and was fully healed.  Oh well, no one came to try to sit in the seats anyway.
We headed back to Grandma Kate's after a long day.  I definitely would like to head back, maybe when it is just a little bit warmer out though.
Here are a few pics:
Probably not the recommended seating placement.
The pirate show that we went to.  Yes that is a seal standing up.

The star of the show according to CarCar.  Yep, an otter with a treasure map in its mouth.
The whole crew by the manatees.

Haddie and the 'Mannie."

Grandma B with the girls.

CarCar and the dolphin.

I had to take a picture of this for CarCar.

Some sort of "Christmas Dolphin" character.
Shamu and baby Shamu.
It was pretty amazing seeing them scoot back into the water.

Part of the Grand Finale.

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