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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thanks Santa

Well, Christmas season has come and gone.  We spent a majority of it down in sunny and for the most part warm Orlando.

The jeep was packed and we headed on our merry way Saturday the 22nd.  There was no way that we were driving down Friday night.  For some reason the Critters do not like to be in the car when it is dark.  Some may say, hey don't the sleep when its dark?  My resounding answer to that is a big fat no.  For some reason they have no desire to sleep in a dark car.  All we hear is "Its dark I can't see anything."  Well, isn't that kind of the point?  We have resigned ourselves to be day trippers until the Critters get new car seats, we think that may help a little.

After a few uneventful days we noticed the Critters coughing and having something that more resembled a runny faucet than a nose.  Christmas was great and the Critters came away with quite the bounty of stuffed animals, princesses, and pirates.  The sickness came to a head the day after Christmas when we took them to an urgent care (Capital Health Care stinks-I could fill in a few other choice words but I will refrain) to see what was going on.  Well, in addition to all the toys Santa brought he also brought sinus infections for both of the girls and a mild case of pneumonia for Brother.  Absolutely fantastic.  Luckily, the Critters did not get my allergy to all 'cillins, and were able to get some fairly strong medicine to wipe out the illness.  It is amazing how quickly kids bounce back.  We took an extremely cautious approach and we were still able to head to Sea World that Sunday.

Other than the Sea World trip (which I have plenty of pics from), we kept a relatively low profile, thanks to the pesky ailments.   The Critters and crew made a trip down to MGM Studios @ Disney after I left and I was assured that there are plenty of pictures from that, so I will have a few more posts to put up soon.


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