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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four Percent

There was a four percent chance of Rian and I having triplets from the embryos that were implanted. Thats a long shot if I have ever heard of one. Well you all know how this story ends.

I can think of another thing that has maybe a four percent chance of happening - me finishing all of the stuff that I need to at home. Things seem to be coming along, but there is still quite a bit to do, like painting the doors and putting them back on the hinges.Rian update -She is resting comfortably at the hospital, still plotting her escape. I can think of nothing better than hospital food, naps, Ellen, Maury, and Judge Joe Brown.

We are still on for May 13th for the c-section. I think that Rian will remove these babies herself if the doctor tells her that he wants her to go longer. Carson has decided that wedging herself up under Rian's ribcage was not the most comfortable place and has moved over to Rian's right side. This is strange because the doctor said that there little chance that the babies would reposition themselves. Funny we are back to things that happen that have a low percentage of occurring.

Nursery Bedding update -Grandma Barbara is now done with the crib bumpers. Any illusion Rian had of my mother starting her own handy craft business are now gone. I do not think that my mother will be sowing any time in the near future. Hundreds of dollars and God knows how many man hours later the last bumper was completed at 2:30AM, and later sent to the upholsterer to have the ties sewn on.


I am going to post pictures of the nursery this weekend.Lastly Abbey may be making her second trip to the hospital to play her new role of "therapy dog" on Friday. I will be sure to take pictures of that.


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