Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

NICU Nurses & News


I just wanted to let you all know how awesome the nurses have been in the NICU. These gals know their stuff. It is amazing how they can take such a stressful situation and put the parents at ease. They never blow you off or blow smoke, they just give you the straightforward answer. There truly are no dumb questions in there.

The only thing that I have yet to achieve is not watching the monitors. From day one they have said "don't watch the monitors, watch the babies." For some reason I cannot take my eye off the monitor when it beeps.

Everything else is going great with the critters.

Current Weights:
Carson: 4 lb 3 oz
Reese: 3 lb 12 oz
Hadley: 4 lb 12 oz

The BIG NEWS is that Hadley is coming home tomorrow (Friday)! She has a little reflux issue but the nurses said with some meds it shouldn't be a big deal.

Pictures of the big homecoming to follow.


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