Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well everybody, we appear to be mere days away from the beginning of the circus, no not the kind with the scary clowns and cool animals, but they kind with three little poop machines, er tax deductions.
Rian is still doing well on bed rest, albeit she is plotting her escape everyday. Is it really that far of a climb out of the window to the parking garage below? While the room is a nice size the sleeping arraignments leave something to be desired. The "bed" that I get to sleep on has a mattress that is about an inch thick, with a wonderful bar that seems to run across the lower part of my back. Needless to say it isn't restful and I am already tired.
The nursery is almost complete although currently it looks like a war zone. I am just finishing up the baseboards and crown-molding. We are also waiting on the glider, which I have to pick up in GA on Friday.

Poor quality photo of the striped wall behind
Carson and Hadley's cribs.

That is the only picture that I have as of right now, but don't fret I will upload a nursery bonanza tomorrow night from the hospital.

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