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Saturday, June 13, 2009

......and Reese makes three.

Reese if finally home at the ole abode.  He came home Thursday evening with a few bells and whistles.  Reese was put on some O2 to help with Oxygen saturation.  He will also have to wear a heart monitor to make sure that he does not have any low/high heart rate episodes.  But we are so happy to have the little big guy home.

In order to bring Reese home Rian and I had to "nest" at the hospital with him to make sure that we knew how to work the machinery.  Let me just say that the room that we stayed in was not the most spacious.  It made the post-pardum rooms upstairs look like palatial villas.  Actually I believe that the inmates down in Starke, Florida have bigger accommodations.  Luckily we didn't have the threat of Ol' Sparky hanging over our head.

The bed that we had to sleep on.  Note that it is smaller than a twin.  I feel really sorry for larger people that have to "nest" there.

Notice the jail cell like sink over in the corner.  Luckily we had some CSI: NY to take our minds off of the surroundings.

After our stay at the fabulous four star resort we brought the big guy home.  Dad finally pried one of the kids away from mom to carry in.  One out of three ain't bad.  I will leave you all with some pictures from the homecoming:

Being very careful not to trip on our child unfriendly side steps.

Abbey wondering how many of these damn things are we going to bring home.

The Meadows Three all together - already beginning to plot the hell-raising.

Abbey on guard.

Abbey making sure that Reese is actually in his crib.


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  1. Hi Rian and Chris!! Im happy to hear all babies are home with you two! They are so beauiful! Rian congrats on your new job. What a blessing!!
    Karen (sister)