Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out on the Town.

The Meadows clan headed out of the house and hit Coldstream Drive for a short stroll through the neighborhood.  Our stroller finally cleared customs after its 19 business day trip from Germany.  I just don't know why an American company can make a good twin tandem stroller.  Those crazy Europeans are just head and shoulders above us in that field.  I must admit though, this is one pretty freakin cool stroller.  It is a double stroller that folds down to the size of a single.  That was needed in our household with our space issues.

On to the pictures:

Note:  We did not take the critters out on a walk in the Serengeti or the jungles of South America, we just wanted to keep the mosquitoes off, hence the crazy looking netting.

Reese wondering what the hell this white stuff is.

The beginning of our maiden voyage in the stroller.

A side profile of the stroller.  Abbey is still trying to figure out what it is.

Carson giving her all too common "I am angry about something" face.

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