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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Happy belated Father's Day everyone.  

As I look back it has been quite a year for Rian and I.  A little over a year ago Rian was going in for a routine laproscopic procedure which later turned into major abdominal surgery.  After the surgery we had a few concerns about our ability to have children, which was later heightened after a visit with the Reproductive Endocrinologist.  To say he was blunt would be an under statement.

After many trips to Jacksonville and quite a few injections Rian and I had to sit an pray that the Doctors in Jax would be able to get her pregnant.  I remember that we had to go to Jax immediately after FSU beat Miami for the implantation.  It was pouring that night which made for a fun drive over.

The procedure went smoothly and now all we could do was sit and wait.  Two days before we were supposed to go to Jax for a test to see if Rian was pregnant she woke up with stabbing pains in her lower back.  After getting off the phone with the docs in Jax we headed to the Emergency Room.  They were concerned that it might be an ectopic pregnancy (where the embryo implants itself in the fallopian tube).  Eight hours later we learned that it was not an ectopic pregnancy and that we were expecting twins.  We thought, "Twins we could manage, it would be difficult, but we could manage."

On Friday we headed over to Jax for our scheduled appointment expecting them to confirm that we were having twins.  Little did we know that we would be in for quite the surprise.  The doctor there calmly scanned Rian uterus and counted the first embryo implanted, then on to the second.  Yep, we are having twins.  Then came the pause.....................hey I see another one.  HUH?  No that's not right, the friendly skilled docs in Tallahassee said that we were having twins so that is what we have accepted.  Apparently our plan did not mesh with the greater plan for us.  Luckily, during this particular procedure I was sitting.  The doctor and nurse commented on how well I was taking the news.  Apparently my ghostly shade of white didn't tip them off.  

The doctor then broke the tension with the "captain obvious" line of the year, "well it appears that I got you a lot pregnant."  Yes, apparently Rian's uterus was wearing the sticky football receivers gloves the day of the implantation.  Marcus Simms could have taken a few lessons from Rian's uterus on how to hang on to things (ie crucial fumble during the GT game).
Well, after that news it was pretty much smooth sailing.  Rian had the morning sickness and sore back, but she was a trooper throughout the whole thing.  You would rarely hear Rian complain about a thing, all the while teaching a full load.

Fast forward to the reason for this post, me becoming a father.  On May 13, our three little critters made their appearance and after a little bit of extra TLC from the NICU nurses they are all home.  Don't get me wrong I am exhausted, and sometimes extremely irritable but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I cannot think of anything more rewarding than seeing the critters grow up.

Sorry for the long post, I was just reflecting on how crazy the last year leading up to this Father's Day was.

Now a few pics for you all:

Father's Day 2009

Reese eating Hadley's head.

Abbey and Hadley having a little chat.


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