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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The many faces of CarCar

CarCar, or Carson, has turned out to be our most expressive child.  She has a very comical "angry face" expression, which has lead us to refer to her as "angry CarCar."  A word to the wise, you do not want to anger CarCar.

There are actually quite a few things that seem to anger CarCar.

1.  A dirty diaper.
2.  Not being the first one fed.
3.  Smelling her brother or sister's dirty diaper.
4.  Her miracle blanket.
5.  "Non-Kissy-Kissy" outfits.
6.  Noise.
7.  Baths.
8.  Her vitamins and meds.

This list could seemingly go on and on.

A few examples of CarCar's expressions:

The beginnings of an "angry face."

Dear in the headlights look.

The "give me some damn food" look.

The "I'm pissed and an not going to burp for you" look.

The "why the hell are you so close with the camera" look.


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