Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tummy Time

Question: Who doesn't like lounging around on their tummy listening to music?

Answer: The Critters.

Tummy time in our house is quite the experience. It ranges from narcoleptic episodes to full blown nuclear meltdowns. The critters, while they know that tummy time is a useful activity, do not enjoy it one bit. These children can belt out noises that no child should be able to reach. If you really want to flush Al-Queda out of the hill in Afghanistan, just send the Critters and their activity mat over there. A few minutes of tummy time and you will have the terrorists running from their caves to surrender.

We have tried the floor nanny, aka - "the dog bed." Which coincidentally I have found Abbey making use of it. We have also tried the Patrick the Pup FAO Schwartz activity mat. The Critters don't even like the upper crust mat. Oh well, I guess we will just be listening to the ear splitting, bone rattling, window breaking screams for a little longer.

I have found something online that looks promising so I may order it in hopes of peace at our house.

If anyone out there in blog land has any suggestions Rian and I are all ears.

A few pics from tummy time:

Reese wondering why he has to do this.

Getting crowded on the ole Floor Nanny.

Typical pose by CarCar during tummy time.

This is what happens when you fall asleep during tummy time. It is a lot better that what happen in the fraternity, you could wake up with permanent marker all over you or missing an eyebrow.


  1. Hi and Hugs to all, especially sweet boy Reese! About tummy time: aren't they supposed to be on their tummies during tummy time? In the pics they are on their backs? Or are they rolling over already? Since they hate tummy time on the floor have you tried tummy time across your lap/legs? They might like that more since you can jiggle a little if they fuss. I don't know, used to do that when one of mine had a belly ache but that was another century, literally. Ye gads. Hey, where are those cute binkies? Do they still like them. They are cute enough to be photographed... IF they match the outfit they have on. Ha. I love you and miss you. Papa, aka Don-t the Muffin Man, is excited to soon be meeting the baby ducks! xoxo, Larla

  2. I am also curious as to why they're not on their tummies?! Holly