Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st Birthday Pics

Rian and I went cameraless for the Critter's first birthday but the uber-talented photographer Terri Smith was there capturing every moment. Let me be the first to tell you she did one hell of a job.

Here is the link: Terri Smith Photography (<--------click me)



  1. Okay, Terri did an awesome job. Don't you just love her? Great pics of the precious fam on such a momentous occasion. You've got the first year down, which is definitely one of the hardest. Congrats!

  2. Those pictures look amazing. The best thing I've ever done was hire a photographer for my son's 1st birthday! Took away so much stress and because I wasn't behind the camera all day there is proof that I was there!!

  3. Great Pictures, Great Party and Amazing Family. I am so sorry that we could not make it. I love the picture of Rian and Reese before the candle is blown out. Congrats to a wonderful couple for surviving the first year!