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Monday, May 17, 2010

Seven Years Worth of Awesomeness

Happy Anniversary Rian! Can you believe it has been seven years? Lets take stock in what we have done.

1. Got Hitched (Captain Obvious)
2. Moved to Jacksonville - me=law school, you=teaching at an arts high school
3. We bought a little house in San Marco (Jax).
4. After a chance meeting you got a job offer in Tallahassee at the Department of Education.
5. You move to Tallahassee, I stay in Jax to finish law school and sell the house.
6. We tour Europe after I take the bar exam.
7. I finally find a job in December.
8. We get a dog.
9. You decide to go back to teaching. You get a job at another arts magnet school.
10. We get pregnant with Triplets.
11. Leon County screws the pooch and decides due to budgetary reasons they don't renew your contract. This leads to probably to best opportunity that you have had (see below).
12. You get put on hospital bed rest.
13. You give birth to our three beautiful Critters.
14. We celebrate our Critters 1st birthday.

That is a lot for a couple to do in 2,555 days. I also looked up what I am supposed to get you today and I know you are gonna be excited, the traditional gift is wool and/or copper. Pretty exciting I know. But here is the kicker, the modern gift is a - wait for it - desk set! I can just picture it now:

Me: "Hey honey here's your anniversary present"
Rian: "It's pretty heavy, must be nice."
Rian: (after composing herself) You got me a desk set?
Me: Yea, you said that you needed a stapler for your desk.
Rian - walking out of the room without a sound.

I did also find a website that would suggest gifts for each anniversary year. Here is a selection of what this website suggested for copper/wool (7th anniversary):

Why yes, these roses are actually made of wool. Anyone who knows Rian knows that a copper bullet cash stasher is right up her alley. Oh, and its engravable!

On a more serious note, Rian I love ya more than I did the day we got married. I picked a few of my favorite pics from that day:


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