Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Mozart.......maybe

Well there may be a little more Jerry Lee Lewis than Mozart. CarCar has taken quite a liking to the piano that we got for the Critters for their birthday. I know what you all are thinking, don't the Critters make enough noise, why in the hell would you buy something to increase the noise. Well let me throw you for another loop, we didn't just get the piano, we bought a band in a box from the Land of Nod too. It comes with a triangle, tambourine, rhythm sticks, cymbals, clapper and maracas. So as of now we have CarCar on the piano, Brother on the maracas, and Hadley on the tambourine. Watching the Critters with their instruments is well worth the extra noise. Look for them coming to an arena near you soon!

Who needs a piano bench? Not this chica!

Watch out Elton!


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