Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words Escape Me.....



Baby Mozart.......maybe

Well there may be a little more Jerry Lee Lewis than Mozart. CarCar has taken quite a liking to the piano that we got for the Critters for their birthday. I know what you all are thinking, don't the Critters make enough noise, why in the hell would you buy something to increase the noise. Well let me throw you for another loop, we didn't just get the piano, we bought a band in a box from the Land of Nod too. It comes with a triangle, tambourine, rhythm sticks, cymbals, clapper and maracas. So as of now we have CarCar on the piano, Brother on the maracas, and Hadley on the tambourine. Watching the Critters with their instruments is well worth the extra noise. Look for them coming to an arena near you soon!

Who needs a piano bench? Not this chica!

Watch out Elton!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st Birthday Pics

Rian and I went cameraless for the Critter's first birthday but the uber-talented photographer Terri Smith was there capturing every moment. Let me be the first to tell you she did one hell of a job.

Here is the link: Terri Smith Photography (<--------click me)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Graduation to the Critter.Sitters

Two of our Critter.Sitters have moved on to greener pastures after graduating from Florida State University. Taylor is off to oil country, er, Dallas to work for the Super Bowl Committee (Taylor, remember Reese is a huge football fan. hint, hint.), and Katie is off to the Big Apple to work in marketing. Thank you guys so much for giving Rian a little break during the day, and a little time to get some work done. I know that the Critters will miss you both, but the wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

Taylor with Reese.

Katie with the whole crew.


Critter's 1st Birthday (Actual Birthday not Party Birthday)

This will be a picture heavy post. These pictures are from Thursday May 13, 2010, the Critter's actual 1st birthday. We started the day off with lunch at the Marinated Mushroom, where the gracious owner brought the Critter's each a mini cupcake. They absolutely loved them, but the sugar train was not over there. Grandma B got into town that night and they had another cupcake, this time from Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery. Surprisingly, they all slept that night.

The following pictures are the Critter's in their "One Year" onsies:

Mini cupcakes at the Marinated Mushroom. (Sorry for the dark pic.)

The following pictures are the Critter's having their second cupcake of the day. Notice who the messy one is:


Monday, May 17, 2010

Seven Years Worth of Awesomeness

Happy Anniversary Rian! Can you believe it has been seven years? Lets take stock in what we have done.

1. Got Hitched (Captain Obvious)
2. Moved to Jacksonville - me=law school, you=teaching at an arts high school
3. We bought a little house in San Marco (Jax).
4. After a chance meeting you got a job offer in Tallahassee at the Department of Education.
5. You move to Tallahassee, I stay in Jax to finish law school and sell the house.
6. We tour Europe after I take the bar exam.
7. I finally find a job in December.
8. We get a dog.
9. You decide to go back to teaching. You get a job at another arts magnet school.
10. We get pregnant with Triplets.
11. Leon County screws the pooch and decides due to budgetary reasons they don't renew your contract. This leads to probably to best opportunity that you have had (see below).
12. You get put on hospital bed rest.
13. You give birth to our three beautiful Critters.
14. We celebrate our Critters 1st birthday.

That is a lot for a couple to do in 2,555 days. I also looked up what I am supposed to get you today and I know you are gonna be excited, the traditional gift is wool and/or copper. Pretty exciting I know. But here is the kicker, the modern gift is a - wait for it - desk set! I can just picture it now:

Me: "Hey honey here's your anniversary present"
Rian: "It's pretty heavy, must be nice."
Rian: (after composing herself) You got me a desk set?
Me: Yea, you said that you needed a stapler for your desk.
Rian - walking out of the room without a sound.

I did also find a website that would suggest gifts for each anniversary year. Here is a selection of what this website suggested for copper/wool (7th anniversary):

Why yes, these roses are actually made of wool. Anyone who knows Rian knows that a copper bullet cash stasher is right up her alley. Oh, and its engravable!

On a more serious note, Rian I love ya more than I did the day we got married. I picked a few of my favorite pics from that day:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Year, Ein Jahr, Ett Ar, Bliain Amhain

Man, one year ago we were T-minus 1 hour till Critter Time. At this point I think that Rian and I were waiting in the prep room before the surgery, I think that I was playing with the barf bag.

I cannot describe the joy that you have brought to our lives. Each one of you in your own particular way have added so much to your mother's and my life, albeit a few sleepless nights thrown in. You guys are getting so big, and are growing at a rate that I am even astonished at. I can remember hearing from a multitude of people that we need to brace ourselves for the problems that come along with having multiples, but you guys seem to have given that train of thought the middle finger.

Hadley Ann: The big sister. Numero Uno. Daddy's Girl. You are our fearless little Critter. This was on full display when we took you guys to the beach. You went full tilt into the water and never looked back, the only time you got upset is when I tried to take you out of the water. While you are our fearless one, you also need to feel secure. Secretly one of my favorite times is when you wake up and need to be cuddled to go back to sleep. This usually ends the same way each time, I get you out of your crib and we go sit on the couch, you fall asleep on my shoulder, then I fall asleep, waking up exactly an hour later to put you down. I think that you will be our observant child, you love to take everything in and let it marinate. I think that you take a lot after me in this aspect.

CarCar: You are the most independent and stubborn little Critter I know. Somehow God figured out a way to have you mother cloned. You do things when you want to, how you want to, and at the speed you want to. And while you are extremely independent you also every now and then show us that you are a baby and just need some cuddling. You also have the most heartbreaking cry, it is as if the world in ending around you, when in reality your lovie is just on the floor. CarCar, I love your independent streak and the fact that you will be the ringleader for all of the shenanigans later on in life.

Reese (Brother): What can you say about brother. The little big guy, although these days you are just the big guy. You have come so far from that little guy born weighing 3.6 lbs. You are quite possibly the sweetest child on the planet. You have this ability to tell stories with your eyes. I know that it doesn't seem like it now, your sisters think the world of you and I think that they will be uberprotective of you whether you like it or not. There is no doubt that you are a momma's boy, you love you some momma and brother time. I know that you will grow into something truly wonderful and you will go on to do great things big guy.

I love you guys so much and you are going to have a great couple of days. Much like your mother it seems that it will not just be a birthday, but rather a birthweek.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Momma Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day Rian!

I really can't say enough about everything that you do for me and the Critters. You do a truly amazing job and I am not sure I am positive that there is no way in hell I could do what you do. From raising the Critters to holding down another full time job teaching. I always knew that you were an amazing person, but cannot put into words how proud and thankful I am of/for the job that you do.

Our lives changed radically 361 days ago and you have honestly taken in all in stride. Yes, there were some rough times, but I must say that you handled in much better than I. You truly have turned into the rock that the Critters and I can depend on. I am constantly flabbergasted by the many hats that you wear and the ease in which you wear them. While this year has been a challenge it has been one of, if not the most rewarding time of my life. You are an amazing momma and wife and I love you more than you know.

I want to wish all the mom's out there a big Happy Mother's Day.