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Monday, April 2, 2012


And we're back. It has been quite a work related vacation from the ole blog. I have about three to four posts to bang out.

Rian and I headed to see ole Jimmy Buffett the end of February. Luckily it was not a late night at work. I was able to run to my car, change real quick, and meet Rian and the other folks down at the tailgating spot. Definitely a different experience that the other Buffett shows I have been to. Normally, I would have been down there about 4-6 hours prior to showtime and would have put down a few more beverages than I did this time.

It was a good, not great show. I think the main detraction for me was that it was not at an outside venue. There is nothing better than Buffett at an amphitheatre. The set list was solid though.

Here are a few pics from the show:

We had pretty good seats, a little far, but a straight on view.

Jimmy being Jimmy. Man what a life.

Going old school with the bic lighters. These days the young folks seem to use their cell phones during the ballads.

Ran into ole Hunter boy at the show.


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