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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012, Part 2 - Animal Kingdom

After all of the excitement on Sunday, we headed over to Animal Kingdom on Tuesday. We got to the park around 9:45 and proceeded to run, drag children to the Safari ride. For those who don't know, you need to get to this ride early, er first, in order to see all of the animals. For some reason the Orlando heat has all of the animals running for cover. Does anyone else find this a bit strange, I mean these animals are from Africa correct? According to the weather folks it does get a bit on the warm side over there. It not like I am expecting penguins running through the Orlando sun. Well anyway, we hit the line and waited, and waited, and waited, well beyond the estimated time. Well we found out that it wasn't an animal problem it was a person problem, someone fainted from the heat. And the strange thing was it wasn't really hot, the person must have been from somewhere up north, way up north. So after an extended wait with three eager Critters we hit the ride and were not disappointed. All of the animals were still out and had not melted yet. CarCar got to see her giraffes, and Haddie got to see her 'big kitties.' After this we were able to downshift and enjoy the rest of the park.

We hit up a few more attractions, specifically the otter tank for Carson, yes my daughter is obsessed with otters. After that it was lunchtime, so we hit up a counter-service restaurant for some BBQ. $71 bucks later we were partially full. We meandered through the rest of the park and finally tried to ride the train for Brother, but after we waited in line a bit we found out there was only one train running and it would be a while. We came up with the ingenious plan to drive to a hotel and ride the monorail. Its kind of like a choo-choo train, with out the choo-choo of course. After doing one big circle we headed over to meet Grandma Kate for dinner at Olivia's. Another great, but extremely tiring day at Disney.

Here are a few pics from the day:

Brother's urban-styled beanie hat. (Yes it has a spray paint graffiti design on it yo.)

A Rino, thank God it was a little further away than last time. The last trip we thought the thing was going to ram the safari jeep.

The Crocs.

The baby elephant.

Carson with her giraffe ears and Brother with his urban flava.

The Dino Diner, home of the frozen Coke, and the reason I missed the dinosaur version of Dumbo.

Brother interacting with a character, this was a big step.

Momma and CarCar.

Yes, I'm sure they are plotting something.

The parade.

The 'safari car,' yes that's right the safari car, don't dare call it a stroller.

The giraffe parking lot. For Carson.

Brother ran out of gas.

So did Carson.


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