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Friday, April 20, 2012

Saturday Morning with Dad

The Critters and I headed over to the Southwood park last Saturday to run out some energy. Rian had a meeting most of Saturday and the kids and I needed to get out of the house. We packed up, headed to Starbucks (for me of course), and were off. Southwood seems to be the only outside place that I can effectively manage the Critters by myself. The park is set back far enough from a road or parking lot that the Critters can run free and I won't have a panic attack.

What was going to be a half-hour visit turned into an hour and a half. We were all over the place, the playground, the paths, the bridge, the pond, the huge running field. Wouldn't you know it even after all of that exercise they didn't take a nap before the FSU Spring football game. We had a great time and much to Rian's chagrin (she didn't learn about it until after the fact) the Critters ran around barefoot most of the time. I kind of shocked myself that I was okay with them and no shoes, for as much as I hate wearing shoes, I am usually a control freak about it with them.

Here are some shots from our morning:

'The Kitty'

These two seem to pair up more times than not.

Carson loves to ride this horse.

Rian says this looks like it was taken in the eighties. How very Farrah of Haddie.

Brother wasn't waiting on anyone. He was well on his way to the bridge.

The bridge. They needed to check out the water level. It was very low if you care.

And their off.........

Hadley guarding the bags, from who I'm not sure.

CarCar toes in motion.

Bro' toes in the grass. This is a big deal.

Gathering up the things.

Hadley looking for the alligator.

Trying to have her brother spot it. (don't worry I don't think there was one there.)


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