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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We packed up the car, grabbed the Critters and Abbey and hit the open road (congested of course) to Orlando. Let me tell you that 5 o'clock on a Friday is not the optimal time to try to head out of Tallahassee. While our traffic may pale in comparison to other cities it is a giant PIA to get from our house to I-10 at that time.

On Sunday, the crew (The Critters, me, Rian, Grandma B, Grandma Kate, and Adam) headed over to Epcot. The big event of the day was lunch with the Princesses in Norway. (don't remember the name of the restaurant. It started with an "A" I think.) As soon as we get to the park I suggest that I'll go get fast passes for Soarin', since that is the only ride @ Epcot that I haven't had a chance to ride. Weeeellllll, everyone decided to head off and start to see the park. One problem, I didn't have my cell phone. I felt like the lost child looking for their parents, except I had a few expletives running though my head. I thought surely they would come back to the spot that we parted ways. Well, they did after about 20 minutes of me fuming there. So the day got off to a little of a rocky start, but at least I had my fast passes.

Off to Norway we went for the Princess lunch. Let me tell you the girls were getting giddy. You step in to the restaurant and are ushered for a picture with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The Critters were a little shy but Haddie soon warmed up. It takes Carson a little bit to warm up to 'strangers.' We got to our table and the princess party started. Haddie was in heaven, it was total princess overload. First Jasmine (Aladdin), then Ariel (the Little Mermaid), then Cinderella, and finally the one Haddie had been waiting for, Sleeping Beauty (Haddie informed me that her real name is Aurora). As you can tell from the pictures below Haddie took quickly to her. She even came back and got Haddie to lead the princess parade with her. Lunch was good and then we headed over to Mexico for a boat ride. Brother kept his sunglasses on and for the folks that have been on the Mexico boat ride know it is dark in there. Well we were walking to the actual ride and Brother walked face first into a pole, apparently he couldn't see it with his sunglasses. It apparently sounded worse than it was because the Disney cast member thought it knocked Reese out. He was fine and shook it off, but he will definitely not be wearing sunglasses at night.

After Mexico we headed off to ride Soarin'. It was fun but it could be sooo much better with a few tweaks. Then we grabbed to boat to head over to Japan. Anyone who knows CarCar knows she is obsessed with Hello Kitty (much to Rian's chagrin). Surprisingly she picked out a rather small Geisha Hello Kitty and we were off to France for a snack and some champagne (for only $12 bucks a glass, er plastic flute).

The kids were getting tired by this point, and to be truthful so was dad. We headed to the big silver golf ball for our final ride. Haddie didn't want to go on it so she hung out with the Grandmas, while Carsie, Reese, Rian, Adam and I went on the ride. We finally took off and headed home, completely exhausted, but the Critters had a great time.

Here are some pics from our day @ Epcot:

I don't think I mentioned it above but it was the Flower and Garden Festival.

The group (minus Uncle Adam who was behind the camera).

This is the crew after they left me.

Cinderella and Haddie.

The girls and Cinderella.

Ariel putting some moves on Brother. She really liked his 'strawberry' colored hair. I'm not sure but I think Brother may have gotten some digits.

Haddie and Sleeping Beauty.

As you can tell Haddie loves her some Sleeping Beauty.

Brother wasn't quite as into Jasmine as he was with Ariel.

Haddie helping to lead the princess parade.

Uncle Adam and Rian in Mexico. Ole!

Haddie taking everything in on the boat ride.

Carson, me, and Hello Kitty.

Brother taking a quick rest in France.

Carson and Tinkerbell in the Fairy Garden.

The Critters getting out their last little bit of energy.

Haddie exploring while we were in the giant silver golf ball.


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