Who are these Critters you speak of?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry for the brief hiatus.  The critters have been doing great and have had some big adventures in the past two weeks.

First things first, the critters got a visit from Grandpa Dave and Carol.  We had a great time during the visit and the critters got to meet and spend some quality time with their grandpa.

Grandpa Dave feeding CarCar.

The critters were also introduced to the concept of "tummy time."  I really am not sure they enjoy this in the least.  Rian received a contraption called the "Floor Nanny" which is supposed to aid in their "tummy time."  It resembles a circus striped dog bed.  See for yourself:

I assure you that the children are alive, and Rian claimed that the girls loved it.  You can draw your own conclusions.

The other big news was that the critters ventured out of the house for their first trip that wasn't to the doctor, kind of.  Rian, Grandma Kate and I headed over to Paula's Cabana Cafe for a swanky lunch.  The folks there were gracious enough to give us a private room to maximize the enjoyment for the critters and minimize my stress level.  After a great lunch we headed over for their 1-2 month check-up.  Everyone that has children knows that this means they were getting shots, four to be exact.  While they enjoyed the lunch they certainly did not enjoy that experience.
View from the third row in the Jeep.

Rian, the critters and me at Paula's

Fourth of July 2009.

Grandma Barbara, Rian and I had a great time on the Fourth.  We started the day with a trip to the mall to look at roof top carriers.  As you can guess this was not Rian's favorite part of the day.  After choosing a very sporty one, we attempted to load it into Grandma Barbara's car, which proved to be unsuccessful.  (For all of you all that were concerned, we were able to successfully bring the X-Cargo home on Sunday.)  After the big outing to the mall we all came home to have a little cookout with the Leparulo family.  We all had a great time grilling out and drinking a few beers (Sangria for the ladies.)  All in all it was a great day and a great two weeks.

The critters in their Fourth of July outfits. (Apparently something caught CarCar's attention off camera.)

The Meadows Family on the Fourth.

Well that is about all I have now, but I will be doing a blog a day this week to keep Rian up to date on the critters.  She is in Orlando for her orientation until Friday.  So until tomorrow I leave you with the coolest onesie that I have seen:

Conveniently entitled "I pity the drool."


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