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Friday, October 23, 2009

Love and Marriage

The Mrs. and I were able to leave the house Critter free on Saturday. We attended the wedding of Kristin and Jason. Grandma Kate came up to watch after the little ones. Lets just say that it was a great day for a wedding. It was about fifty eight degrees during the day, very, very rare for Tallahassee these days. It was nice not to be drenched in sweat two minutes after walking out the door.

The wedding ceremony was held in downtown Tallahassee. "Downtown" and "Tallahassee" just don't really seem to go together. After the ceremony we headed to the Florida State University Alumni Center, which was a nice little place. The cocktail portion was held outside under a huge oak tree. Beer, wine and frozen drinks were flowing all around. It was a little brisk while we were outside, but someone turned that into an advantage and talked the planner into letting us into a conference room to watch the end of the gator game. After suffering through the tebow worship and bad calls, we heading into the reception. It was a nice setup in the hall and our table was in great proximity to the bar.

After the reception we were all off to Level 8 (Hotel Duval). Rian and I stayed for a drink and figured that it was time to pack it in. I don't think that I have purposely seen that side of midnight in quite a while.

Here are some pics from the wedding:


Me and the Mrs.

Alumni Center Ballroom.

Wedding Cake.

Grooms Cake. Its a USCe Gamecocks Cake.

The Happy Couple.


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  1. Yeah! So glad you guys got a night out. The picture of the two of you is great! Larla would like a copy! I love you all... hugs to the babies!