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Thursday, October 29, 2009

6 Months or 1/2 Birthday

Did you know that some folks throw their baby a 1/2 birthday party. As you can probably guess everything is in 1/2 increments. Inventive, huh? Through the magic of Google, I have gathered some of the most interesting ways to celebrate a half birthday.

1. Make a cake and cut it in half (noticeably in half).

2. Blow up balloons halfway. I am sure the lady at Publix would look at you like you were a freak if you requested this.

3. This is one of my favorites from a person online - "give everyone 1/2 a paper plate, 1/2 a napkin, and 1/2 a paper cup (and it's eco-friendly too!)" This sounds like a train wreck to me. Who gives you half a paper plate and more importantly half a cup? Its like those stupid MGD64 beer commercials.

Oh well, needless to say we had a private family affair complete with formula and rice cereal. Here are some shots of the Critters on their big 1/2 day.

CarCar giving the camera some love.



Hadley Ann.


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