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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Critters are in search of the Great Pumpkin.

Mom, Dad and the Critters are officially gearing up for their first Halloween. The costumes are being finalized and the candy is ready to go. Unfortunately, after going to Target yesterday to get decorations, we realized we should already be decorating for Christmas. Screw Thanksgiving. Mom apparently takes Halloween decorating a little more serious that I do, but we managed to get some lights, spiderwebs, and some super spooky pumpkin trash bags. I must take a minute to commend whomever came up with this idea. Its genius, it holds yard waste, makes the yard semi-spooky and on November 1st gets chucked with the yard debris.

We made our way to the pumpkin patch at Faith Presbyterian Church on Saturday. The Critters were ready to find the perfect pumpkin. Lo and behold we run into Mary, Holly, and little Sally Kate at the patch. After a fun filled photo shoot Reese and I wandered off and decided on a pumpkin. Unfortunately we are not yet to the age where Reese can carry the pumpkin to the cashier, so I had to roll the pumpkin onto my foot and pick it up that way, all the while trying not to drop Brother. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a white pumpkin for dog sister. She was none too happy and immediately demanded that we go in search of one at the other pumpkin patch.

After the patch we decided to grab a quick bite at Po'Boys. Lets just say that this was the quickest bit that we have ever gotten. First, we are sat at this table directly behind the hostess station which could legitimately hold maybe three adults. I am not sure who thought that two adults and three infant carriers could squeeze in there. So after I perform a contortionist routine to get into my seat we order some beers and fried pickles. I looked at my watch and noticed that we were beginning to butt up against the seven o'clock feed. That thought quickly left my mind as we were watching the football. Unfortunately, once Tennessee had its field goal blocked with time expiring, Brother went into a full fledged meltdown. To add insult to injury not only did he just see Tennessee lose, but then (SEC)ESPN decided to show Timmy Tebow and Urban Meyer. Unfortunately Brother's meltdown was only heighten by this unfortunate decision by ESPN. Meanwhile CarCar decided to get in on the action. So now both adults are trying to run interference on the Critters. Luckily, Hadley, yes Hadley, was the calm amidst the storm. She just calmly napped while all hell broke loose. So when the waitress brought us our food we quickly asked for to-go boxes and she got those things pronto. I was amazed at how quickly she had those boxes to our table, we all know that things don't usually run too swiftly at Po'Boys. Luckily we were out of there quickly and headed home to feed. Nothing quite like a shrimp po'boy an hour and a half after you order it. I remember asking Rian, "Was this a hot sandwich?" Her reply, "At one time."

Sorry for my rambling, on to the pictures:

I had the Poltergeist Clown scare me, Reese has this creepy one to scare him.

The Fam.

The Critters + One (Sally Kate)

The Critters in search of the Great Pumpkin.

Mom and the gals.

The Gals. (Mary w/ CarCar, Mom w/ Hadley, and Holly w/ Sally Kate)

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