Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Phone Camera Pics

CarCar letting me know what she thought about me taking her picture.


CarCar with a huge smile.


  1. Hadley is going to get a middle child syndrome if she keeps getting left out of blog pics... 2 of CarCar, 1 of Brother, and nada, zip, nil, zilch, zero of the Hadster. Just trying to represent the one with the best name. :)
    Hadley, you're gonna have to shout out, girl... you've got a bit of competition goin' on.
    What the heck is the Tennessee mumbo jumbo all about? New found love of checkerboards? Reese stands a much better chance of getting into Johns Hopkins Medical if goes to THE University of Florida. And, his Godmother will do her best to steer him that way!
    Can't imagine how busy you are... but having 12 new children of my own (all adopted in August, mind you) is keeping me pretty busy myself. Thank the Lord I'm not responsible for clothing, bathing, and feeding all of them. Miss you all. xoxo love, Larla

  2. your blog is the best! I have always checked my friends' blogs every few days to see what is new with the babies and I wondered why there was a basketball blog in with them! I never imagined it was about Rian's babies and written by her husband. I just figured three point line = basketball. Hilarious material. I love the man's point of view. I especially loved the entry where you detailed dropping Rian off and driving around with the three critters in the back. You are brave!--Fran