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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Critters First Christmas 2009

First Christmas, I can't believe that the Critters are having their first Christmas. Rian and I tried to set some restraints on the gift giving, one present per Critter. Lets just say that that didn't work. We are looking into a U-Haul to get their stuff back to Tallahassee. Apparently you cannot ship live things through Fedex, sorry Dog Sis. We headed down to Orlando on the 23rd of December. To say the trip did not go smoothly would be an understatement. Once again we hit quite a bit of traffic on the way down. Not to mention, the Florida Turnpike was down to one lane each way. We rolled into Orlando around 9:30PM. Once again Reese made an unsuccessful attempt to go to Cafe Risque on the way down. Mom vetoed that one. I will prepare you all for what you will see in the picture section, CarCar had a little accident about 5 minutes after we got to Orlando. Dog Sis was so excited to see everyone that she was jumping around and jumped and hit the tree then on to CarCar. NOT DOG SIS'S FAULT AT ALL. Dog sister is usually more careful than most people around the Critters.

Christmas Eve started off a little earlier that normal. We hit the children's service at St. Lukes at 4:30PM. All I can say is that service is right up my alley. I had to change a diaper twenty minutes into it and by the time I was back from the car folks were heading out. On to Grandma Barbara's house for Christmas Eve dinner. After sufficiently stuffing our faces and reading The Night Before Christmas we took some photos. (see below) The Critters wanted to get off to bed so that Santa could come, especially CarCar. She had a very specific list for Santa Clause. CarCar wanted a TomTom GPS device for her future car and car wash solution in her stocking. Quite a few people may find this odd but CarCar is a very particular child. She is just very excited about getting a car.

Christmas came at the same time as most days, 7AM for the feed. Then it was go time. The Critters definitely received more than the one allotted present. After the present bonanza we got ready for another feast. After gorging ourselves again we began to prepare the Critters for their first New Year.


The Critters on Christmas Eve. (Notice the wound on CarCar. We say she was attacked by a puma.)

The whole fam on Christmas Eve.

Brother with a very stylish hat. I wish you all could see the hat in action. It is quite loud and has plenty of flashing lights. (It might cause more seizures than a Japanese Cartoon.)

CarCar getting her car wash. Unfortunately she did not get her TomTom.

No need for presents, CarCar just wants wrapping paper.


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  1. Oh my God! These are great! I am laughing laughing laughing!!! Your kids will love to read these when they are older. It's Rian's friend Fran, by the way. You should print these out and make them into a book or something. Especially the dog thing, sometimes things like that just happen. If it wasn't the dog, it would have just been something else, you know? I like the puma story better but.....