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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Great Escape - Abbey Edition

Unfortunately this does not involve Steven McQueen or James Garner, it involves Dog Sister and a lot of running.

8:15AM (12/30/09) - A call goes out that Dog Sister had made a break for it. She had wedged herself between a gap in two fences. This gap had been covered by the orange plastic fencing. The strange thing is that Abbey will not even push a partially open door to get through. She will sit there and whimper until you move the impediment that is obstructing her way. So with Rian in the shower, my mom and I shoot out the door (we where at her house, Dog Sis was at Grandma Kate's) forgetting one key thing which will come back to bite me in the butt, my cell phone. We get into Grandma Kate's neighborhood and try to find Uncle George and Aunt Jane who are already on the case. Unfortunately, they did not have a cell phone either, so finding them proved to be a challenge.

8:35AM - We rendezvous with Uncle George and Aunt Jane on a cul-de-sac and find that Dog Sis has run into a backyard, with you guessed it, another gap in a fence. I run through this backyard out into a drainage canal easement. I look right, then left, and I see a small little white creature walking about a quarter mile away. Usain Bolt had nothing on me right then. (Note to self, when chasing dog do not wear flip-flops.)

8:37AM - While not world record time, I caught up to Dog Sis. Now we start the cat and mouse game. We run down this easement for awhile until I start to see familiar houses. I couldn't believe it but I am now back where I started in my mother's neighborhood. This chase has now gone through two counties in Central Florida.

9:10AM - After more cat and mouse games, I thought that I had Dog Sis penned up in the lake by my mom's house (It is fenced in aside from a few walkways). I took off for my mom's house to tell Rian to call Grandma Kate and have the troops head to my mom's neighborhood.

9:25AM - Reinforcements arrive and they find an exhausted, flip-flopless, and muddy Chris, and a Dog Sis who is ready for a little more fun. My mom pulled some sort of police cruiser move and had her car blocking the road in front of Dog Sis. She called out an Abbey ran right to her (why couldn't we do this an hour ago). Dog Sis had been apprehended. After retrieving my flip-flops from the easement we headed back to Grandma Kate's were a nap was had by all.

8:01AM (1/2/10) - Here we go again! Dog Sis has now used her teeth to rip a hole in the orange plastic fencing. I will spare you all the details but we apprehended her in under 25 minutes this time.

Needless to say that day a lot of metal fencing was purchased in Central Florida. That remedied the situation.

It is a good thing that we all like Dog Sis.


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