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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reese's New "Buddy"

Its amazing when you see one of your children open up to someone and make a new "buddy." Reese's new buddy is his Uncle George. Reese met Uncle George over the holiday break as Aunt Jane and Uncle George were down from Winona, Minnesota. I think that George had an instant bond with his "little buddy" too.

Over the next few days it was fun to watch Reese and Uncle George interact. Uncle George pretty much became the sole person who fed Reese. Uncle George would have the bottle, bib, burp cloth, and binky ready before he would begin the feed. While this was convenient for Uncle George, Reese would sometimes get a little impatient.

Over the next few days Uncle George would come up with persona's for Reese depending on what he was wearing that day. The first day Reese was a banker due the the button down and sweater vest that he had on. The next day Reese was a pirate. This was my favorite day to see Reese and Uncle George together. George came up with some great quotes for Reese:

1. Shiver me timbers.
2. Hey buddy, pirates don't cry.
3. Hey buddy, I don't think that pirates use binkies.

There was also a lot of "ARGGGGGG's" said.

The next day Reese became a soccer player due to his striped onsie he had on. Finally Reese was a lumberjack. He had a flannel plaid shirt on and really looked like he should be toting around an axe. George informed Reese that he had a "Husqvarna" chainsaw and that he could use it. Rian nixed this idea spouting something along the lines of Reese being too young and too small. As Uncle George would say, "Oh well, too bad little buddy, maybe when you get older."

You could definitely tell that Reese and Uncle George made an connection and Reese can't wait until he can see his Uncle George again.


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