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Monday, January 11, 2010


This is definitely a post that Brother is going to look back on a despise me for but it was just too funny not to mention.

It started off innocently enough, Uncle George was playing with Brother and he detected a whiff of something foul. I grab Brother to change him. I take off his jeans without a second thought and I grab his leg to lift his rear end up and that's when I noticed it. MY HAND WAS COVERED IN POOP. Brother had pooped so much that the poor Pampers diaper just couldn't contain it. It was all down his leg and it coated the inside of his jeans.

As you can imagine the sight of my hand covered in poop got quite a reaction from Rian. She is screaming about how disgusting it is, all the while not getting me any paper towels for my hand. I remove the diaper and it only got worse from there. I really did not know an eight month old child could poop this much. The poop had gone up his back and somehow it made its way to his armpit. How it got there I have no idea. At that point I made that command decision to wipe everything off and head straight for the tub for a bath. 10 minutes later Brother was a new man, about a pound lighter and squeaky clean.

His clothes were another story. I had to take them outside and hose them off before putting them in the washer.

We figured out the culprit was summer squash, needless to say that will not be served in our household again.


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