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Monday, March 15, 2010

Beers, Bars, and Babies

Babies welcome in bars? What say ye?

I stumbled across a fierce debate online the other day about parents bringing their little ones to bars. Apparently it has caused quite a stir in Brooklyn, New York. CNN wrote an article giving equal time to the waring sides.

This picture is just wrong on so many levels. First, the baby looks super stoked to be there and second, the father looks like his is about to go straight up Michael Douglas in Falling Down on someone.

At first I thought it was probably not a good idea to tote your Critters to a bar. Rian concurred with this line of thinking. The more I thought about this I really don't see a problem with taking the little ones while mom and dad enjoy an adult beverage. Let me lay out some ground rules though:

1. Happy Hour - okay, 11pm - bad. Make sure to leave the bar by6:30-7pm.

2. Obviously have 1-2 drinks max, especially when driving. It still applies if you walk, you don't want a PSWI (Pushing Stroller While Intoxicated).

3. Don't expect people to alter their behavior because you brought a child. If you head to a dive bar don't expect to run into Miss/Mister Manners.

4. Try to sit outside. If its nice sit outside, I know that Reese, especially, like to watch people.

5. Respect the other patrons. This is my big one, I am not a fan of crying babies in restaurants (Rian will vouch for this). If your Critter gets upset, head outside or grab your tab. If you want other patrons to respect you, respect them.

That is about all I can think about, let me know if you guys have any other ground rules or if you think that I am just nuts for thinking it is okay to take kids to a bar.

I just don't think that my fun time has to stop just because I procreated. Apparently, our friends to the north agree with me.



  1. I agree with you completely! During normal hours, totally fine. It bugs me though when I see people out with their kid at 9pm. Put the child to bed, no wonder they are crabby!

  2. Interesting debate for sure. Especially with St. Patty's right around the corner. I think there will be quite a few babies at the bar for Happy Hour. Out for a celebratory drink or want to sit outside and enjoy the weather, a few drinks are fine. --Fran (one day I will register, I promise)

  3. Read your story over at Multiples and More! (I posted some of this there as well but....) Congrats on your triplets! We too are here in Tallahassee and our IVF took place in Jacksonville (as I am sure most people with fertility issues have to go there). How great it was to read your story! Your children are absolutely beautiful. I have twin girls and I can not imagine life with triplets. Everyone in your family are super heroes to me! Are you a member of the multiple group here in town?