Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Adventure Saturday.

When Rian and I saw the thermometer creep up to the sixties we decided make a break for it. I had recently been hankerin some good BBQ, so I jumped online to try to find a dive BBQ joint in the surrounding area. I have found that when it comes to good BBQ, the worse the place looks that better the food (i.e. The Georgia Pig (scroll through to look at the pics, better yet go eat there)).

Off we went, north down Meridian Road. We were headed to a BBQ joint in beautiful Cairo, Georgia. It was a nice drive and the Critters seemed to be enjoying themselves. After a 40 minute drive we finally hit Cairo. We started to head through town when I saw the local high school. I have always found the nickname of this particular school intriguing. Cairo High School's nickname is the "syrupmakers," its mascot is a syrup pitcher. I kid you not, its mascot truly is a syrup pitcher. How exactly does this fire a team up or strike fear in the opposing team. For some reason I just can't see a pitcher walking out to mid-field having the same effect as Chief Osceola planting a flaming spear.

This is an actual shirt.

On we went in search of the BBQ joint. After a few passes through town I started to think I was going crazy, surely I would have seen it, I mean Cairo is not that big.

Rian suddenly asks, "Did you call them to get their hours?

Me: Why, it said on the internet that they were open.

Rian: Well, maybe they could have given you directions.

Me: No need, Mapquest said it should be right here.

Rian: Do you see it, right here?

Me: No, I guess you should call.

Rian holding up the phone with speaker phone on: The number you're calling has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you've reached this recording in error, please check the number and dial again.

Me: Huh, maybe I should have called.

This is about the point where I realized I should have called the restaurant.

Luckily, without realizing it, I had a back-up plan. I saw another BBQ joint on the web not too far from where we were. So on a wing and a prayer we headed to Big Guns BBQ on U.S. 319 just north of the FL/GA line. Eureka, it was open. Food was decent, but the Critters soon decided that it was time to leave. With a full belly and a new appreciation for calling ahead we headed back to the casa.


  1. Used to be J.B.'s BBQ and it was great. I guess the new place doesn't stack up. A friend of mine left Tally and moved to Cairo in high school. We used to jokingly say, "Syrupmakers, syrupmakers, rah, rah, rah". There's just something not right about that. They should change the name.

  2. Hahahahah hilarious! It's so cool that you guys didn't get mad when the place wasn't what you thought. What a weird mascot. Unless there's a costume for it, it's probably not a good idea :)--fran

  3. Hi! I was trying desperately to find a CHS logo for a project and I came across this blog. Here's the really quick story of the Syrupmaker mascot (of which we are VERY proud of, btw, and if it is every changes, expect snow from down Hell's way). Cairo was the world's top producer of cane syrup many years ago, thanks to the farms and Roddenbery's, a local packaging operation. The school's mascot was previously the Tiger. Roddenbery's company was located next door to the football field. During a rainy game, the owner of the company passed out poncho-type jackets to the football players sitting on the bench. The back of the coats said "syrup maker" to identify employees on the work floor. The opposing team started calling us the "syrupmakers" and the name stuck. Sports Illustrated has listed our mascot as the #1 most unusual high school mascot many times. Our field mascot is not nearly as cool as Chief Osceola (who I grew up watching at every FSU home game from age 8-18!), but instead a cute, glittery cheerleader wearing, yes, a syrup pitcher costume. We "pour it on!" at every game and most fans carry corn-kernel-filled syrup bottles to shake (wow...I am really making us sound like a hick school). Also, just to further your incredulity (which doesn't offend me, I promise. I get a lot of flack for the mascot), we pronounce the city's name Kay-ro and the mascot name surup-maker instead of sirup-maker...like the rest of the normal world. Now you know!
    By the way, your triplets are darling!