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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dad and Had(ster)

Hadster and I have been spending a lot of time together and it hasn't been under the best circumstances. We have been running to and from doctors appointments. So in order for her not to associate dad with mean people with needles I decided to take her to Lake Ella, for a little Dad and 'Had' time.

This goes along with a promise that Rian and I made when we found out that we were having triplets, they are to have one on one time with her and I. We had three individual children, they just happened to come all at the same time.

So off to the park we went, luckily the weather was agreeable. I whipped our the stroller and off we went. Hadster loved taking everything in. People in Tallahassee know that Lake Ella can be a bussling place. We strolled around looking at the ducks, the beatnicks at the Coffee Shop, the joggers, the turtles, the dogs, and the fountains. After a couple of spins around the lake we headed to the gazebo. We got out the blanket so Hadley could streach her little legs. We sat there and soaked the sun in (don't worry, not too much sun). We also watch a few people break the law, it is illegal to feed the ducks, but people seem to ignore this quite frequently.

Here are a few pics from our morning:

Hadster hanging out.

Hadley watching the ducks.

Hadley wanted me to take this picture for CarCar, since she loves turtles.


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  1. so sweet! I love that a dad would stop to do something fun like that instead of just shuttling back and forth like most dads do. I also had no idea that it is against the law to feed the ducks. I love the witch tooth :) --Fran