Who are these Critters you speak of?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Week

Well its officially Easter week. We hit up the Palm Sunday Service yesterday and we are now getting ready for the upcoming weekend. We are gearing the critters up for the second sweetest holiday of the year (behind Halloween).


Critter Easter Baskets - Check
Critter Easter Presents - Check (Gotta love Baby Gap)
Candy for the Critters that they can't eat (but Dad can!) - Check

You gotta love it.

Outfits for Easter - Partial Check, we are working on it.

We will be embarking on our voyage to Orlando on Thursday, hopefully traffic will be a little more agreeable than our last trip. The Critters are invading Disney on Friday, and then heading to the beach on Saturday. I am very curious to see how they react to the sand. Oh, we are also having breakfast at the ubergood Peach Valley Cafe.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter.


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