Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jonah's, Meet My Appetite

The weather is finally here in Tallahassee, unfortunately with that blessing comes the pollen. Rian and I decided to take Aunt Donna up to Thomasville for lunch. Mary (Aunt Sister), has raved about Jonah's Fish and Grits in downtown Thomasville. We loaded up the Critters and Rian took her place in the waaaaaaaaaay back of the Jeep. After scooping up Aunt Donna we were off on our adventure.

We arrived in Thomasville and were quickly (I was shocked) seated at Jonah's. Now all of you that know me, know that I love me some southern food, and I was hankerin' the Shrimp and Grits. Well, that idea came to a screeching halt once I heard the specials that they were whipping up that day. Fish and Chips, yes, you heard me right, Fish and Chips. Oh, don't worry they weren't the typical, we are trying to be a British pub crap that we get over here in the States. No, these were cornmeal battered pieces of freshly caught Grouper. They were just little strips of awesomeness. For good measure they also came with a hush puppy! Really, can it get much better? Don't waste your time trying to answer that because NO IT DOESN'T, PERIOD. Rian and Aunt Donna both went with what I was originally going to order, the Shrimp and Grits. While the Shrimp and Grits were good, really good (although not as good as my homemade version I must say), I could tell that they secretly wished they ordered what I did. We also order the Fried Green Tomatoes and once again, home run, I mean an super scrumptious, food hedonism, inside the park home run. These little guys were cornmeal battered, deep fried discs of pure heaven.

After this "meal" we decided to take in the great weather by walking around downtown and looking in the shops. I say "we" but I think that we all know we went to the predetermined shops that Rian wanted to visit. (Love ya babe.) Rian and Aunt Donna both had some ice cream from Izzo's Soda Fountain (I think it's new). We piled back into the car and headed off for home.

If you can't tell I highly recommend Jonah's, but if the line is too long don't fret, Liam's is right next door.



  1. I love that you guys pack up 3 babies, an aunt and yourselves to go out to eat...... in another town! I thik there are plenty of people with ONE baby that can't even hit the local Applebees. You're the best! --Fran

  2. We love Jonah's! What a fun little outing!

  3. omg.. i love their friend green tomatoes! glad you enjoyed it!