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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hen Weekend, er, Bachelorette Party

I have gotten a little behind on the ole posting. A combination of spending Memorial Day weekend in Orlando and Mary and David's wedding celebration this past weekend. Needless to say it was an amazing time.

Rian and the crew headed to Charleston, South Carolina for Mary's Bachelorette Party Memorial Day weekend. I don't have all of the details but I will try my best to relay what I was told. Mary, Rian, Holly, Pamela, and a sleeping Erin piled in Holly's parents Suburban headed on their merry adventure. The first stop was in Beaufort, South Carolina to eat at Wren. Apparently they have the best fish tacos, yet nobody decided to order them. After that they hit the road for their final destination.

After reaching Charleston and meeting up with Julianne, Heather, and Meghan, they hit the town for a little shopping. They had reservations at a restaurant (don't remember the name, I will fill in after consulting with Rian) and had what was described as the best drink ever. All I know is that it had a candied rose petal that Julianne proceeded to eat. After their bellies were full they decided to hit the town. First stop, some bar called The Squeeze. It was apparently constructed in an alley and was very narrow hence the name. After that it was off to a rooftop bar to get their dance on, especially Holly.

The next day consisted of Erin sleeping, and the rest of the crew hitting the town for some sightseeing in a horse drawn carriage. Again they went to dinner, not sure where and then went out for some drinks. For some reason I think they went to the roof top bar again.

The next day they headed home. We later found out that Heather, Rian's bed mate, contracted Strep Throat, but apparently no one else contracted it in the close quarters.

I was told it was a great weekend. Here are a few pics:

Nothing screams roadtrip like Mary with a bottle of Champagne Prosecco and Holly throwing up a gang sign.

Lunch @ Wren.

"The Drink." Not sure what it was, I'll check and give you an update.

Erin, Rian, and Meghan @ The Squeeze.

This takes "taking the dog for a walk" to a whole new level.

Having a glass of what I presume is prosecco.

Dinner the last night.

Brunch the next morning.


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