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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

St. George Island

I really don't know of a place that I would rather be. Rian, the Critters, and I headed down to St. George a few weeks ago and will be going back over the 4th of July with Grandma B.

We loaded up the car after having some cinnimin rolls and headed South. An hour and a half later we were in paradise. It was a breath of fresh air after our experience at the beach at Bald Point State Park. The sand was clean and the water was sparkling. Unfortunately, we forgot to get a beach umbrella and the sun was beating down on the Critters. As you can probably figure out this is a small problem for Brother, who has rather fair skin. Luckily there was a umbrella rental stand right by where we were. The Critters were now able to seek some shaded relief.

While Brother's skin may not love being out in the sun, Brother sure does. We couldn't keep him and Hadley away from the water. Carson is still a little skittish of the water but she seemingly creeps closer and closer each time we go to the beach.

I can't wait for the 4th to get here so we can head back down. Hmm, maybe we will go this Sunday. That seems like a great plan.

Here are a few pics from the beach:

Broman sporting his 'Risky Business' shades.

CarCar giving a big smile.

Haddie with her fashionista shades, which have since gone MIA.

A view from our spot.

The Critters cooling off in the shade.


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