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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mica-Radcliffe Wedding, Part I

I think that my body has finally recovered from the previous weekend (all four days). I was rudely reminded that I am no longer 22 and should not see 2am three nights in a row. Not sure what I was thinking but my body said enough is enough on Sunday morning.

It was a truly wonderful four days of wedding celebrations. My coverage of the wedding will be broken up into two parts, mostly because of the sheer number of pictures. It all started on Thursday night with a Fiesta, a little meet and greet at Holly and Marcus's house. The food was excellent and the beer was nice and cold. Aside from the water main break (ie - no running water, yes, that means no toilets, but don't worry Marcus had a Porta Potty delivered) the party went off without a hitch. I don't think that I can possibly describe how excited Rian was due to the fact that her home turf (Winter Park) Congressman (John Mica) was going to be at the party.

After plenty of food and drink we all decided to head to Finnegan's Wake. Now we had the Jeep, with 3 car seats in the back, so Rian and Erin rode up front and I got to enter the car through the hatch lift. After patronizing Finnegan's and The Filling Station, Rian and I headed home. She had a busy day of getting a manicure and pedicure, bridesmaids luncheon, helping Mrs. Mica at the Governor's Club, and rehearsal dinner. Oh, I totally forgot to mention that we had the two best babysitters come into town for the event, Grandma Barbara and Grandma Kate. They were gracious enough to watch the Critters while we attended all of the events.

Friday evening we headed to the Governor's Club for the rehearsal dinner. Dress code was jackets and bow tie for the gentlemen and we did not disappoint. The food was excellent and the speaks even better. Holly and Michael might have taken the cake with their speech/Broadway performance for Mary and David. After the dinner we headed of to the Governor's Club lounge to keep the party going. Are you seeing the theme here, yep it was another late, late night. The GC Lounge told us to leave (no, we didn't get kicked out, the staff just wanted to go home) and we once again headed to Finnegan's. Let me tell you that I haven't seen last call at a bar in some time and this was the second straight night that I closed down a bar. I'll end here and save the next post for the wedding and Sunday brunch.

Here are some shots from the first two days:


Mary and Rian.

The Happy Couple @ the Fiesta.

Finnegan's Wake after party.

Bridesmaid's luncheon table setting.

Mary, Pamela, Holly, Erin, Heather, and Rian @ the bridesmaid's luncheon.

Rian and Julianne (David's sister) @ the bridesmaid's luncheon.

Rian and Mary @ the Governor's Club.

Look, no Critters.

The ladies.

The gentlemen, plus Slappey.

The setup.

A gathering of greatminds. Oh yea, notice everyone wearing bow ties.
(Photo courtesy of Heather.)

Paul, Marcus, me, and David @ the Governor's Club Lounge.

Finnegan's. Yea, its about 2:15am. Can you tell?


Part II coming soon to a blog near you.

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  1. Wow, I totally loved Mica-Radcliffe Wedding photos. The ceremony came out quite smoothly and the best thing is that everyone enjoyed it. We also became the part of a Disney themed reception at one of the wedding venues NYC. It was arranged by the biggest event planning company in NYC. Their work was so mesmerizing.