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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mica-Radcliffe Wedding, Part II

Well, here is good old part two of the wedding post. This post will span the last two days of the Mica-Radcliffe wedding festivity. Once again the morning came all too quick, I guess that is what happens when you stay out a bit late. Reference the last picture of my previous post.

The Critters, Grandmas, Rian and I headed up to Thomasville on Saturday morning for breakfast. It was a beautiful day out and we were able to walk around downtown Thomasville for a little bit. We headed home to get the Critters down and to allow for Rian and I to get ready for the festivities.

We headed over to the church a little early so Rian could score a primo seat, which I think she did. All I can say is 'wow' for the wedding entrance. I have never been to an Anglican wedding, so I don't know if that is how they always are, but wow. Maybe it was the size of the church, but it seemingly got you pumped up for a wedding, kind of like a good marching band before a college football game. Hmm, maybe Mary should have gotten the Marching 100, now that would have been interesting. After the service everyone headed over to the Old Capital for the reception. Luckily, I had one heck of a parking space due to my employment. The reception was a great time, although it may have been trumped by the food. When there are fried green tomatoes on the menu I know I am going to be happy. On top of that they had Magic Hat beer, and to top that they had Magic Hat Single Chair. I hadn't had that since we went on the brewery tour in 2007. Good times.

It was a wonderful reception and everyone definitely appeared to have a great time. As with all good receptions it seemed to go by ridiculously fast. Soon we were wishing the bride and groom best wishes as they whisked out of the Capital.

Throughout the first couple of days I had been hearing rumors of an after party that was to be held at Level 8. Apparently, the rumors were true and we headed over there to extend the night. Have you all seen a theme here? It was a beautiful night to stand out on the balcony there. After a few drinks Rian and I headed home to get a few hours of sleep. After all there was a brunch in a little over eight hours.

The Mica's graciously opened their house for a send off brunch the next morning. Once again the food was outstanding. We were able to visit with Mary and David before they headed off to Italy for their honeymoon. It was truly a great weekend, completely exhausting, but great.

Congrats Mary and David.

Here are more than a few pics from the last two days:

Mary and David.

Cutting the cake.
(Sorry its blurry, we had Rian's camera and I think I maxed out the zoom.)

First Dance action shot. (At least if I say its an action shot it will excuse the blurriness.)

To keep up with the blurry theme, Rian and I.

Jason, Katie, Rian, me, Marcus, and Holly.

Clockwise from top: Salad, cornbread pulled pork sandwich, fried chicken on a stick, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, and mac and cheese.

Erin and Rian.

Grady, Sidney, Adam, Lane, Rian, and I.

Heather and Rian.

Rian and Mary.

@ the Brunch: Pamela, Rian, Mary, and Heather.

Me, Rian, Holly, Heather, and Paul.


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