Who are these Critters you speak of?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down from the ATL

Last weekend the critters got a visit from Reese's God Mother Laura and her daughter Olivia.  After a longer drive than expected that included the Georgia Highway patrol fully armed hunting a fugitive.

Laura and Olivia arrived Friday evening and stayed until Saturday night.  During this time Laura and Olivia took over the 3AM and 7AM feeding for all three critters, leaving Rian and I to enjoy 9 hours of interrupted sleep.  I forgot what a truly wonderful thing that is.

Around 2PM we decided to have lunch and Laura made her famous pimento cheese for sandwiches.  Man were those good.  I have been rationing it since.  It's Saturday and I still have a little bit left.

After lunch we took a spin around to show Laura and Olivia the sights of Tallahassee.  Anyone who lives here knows that didn't take too long.

I will leave you all with some pictures from our weekend.

Olivia and Mr. Reese.

Laura and the Trio.

Laura and Olivia with the Critters.

Critters with their new lovies.

Finally, Carson striking a pose.


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  1. OH my goodness! Olivia's looks 25! She is so grown up. The pictures of Laura and the babies is so precious!!!

    Grandma Kate