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Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Open Letter from Dog Sister

Hey Dog Parents,

There are a few comments and questions that I have for you all.

First,  is this just some sort of trial period with those things?  Did you all just pick out a few to see which one you like the best and you will take back the other two?  How long is this said trial period?  As you notice from my frazzled appearance I need some sleep.

Second,  is there some sort of muzzle that you can buy?  There has got to be some sort of device to curb the crying and screaming.  See above comment about my lack of sleep.

Third,  when is the temperature in Tallahassee going to go down?  Going outside is the only time I have peace and quiet and a moment to myself (unless the UPS guys drives behind our house.)  It has been pushing the high nineties and if you haven't notice I have a very thick and luxurious coat of hair.  With said thick and luxurious coat of hair it gets rather hot.  One thing I will say is thank God for double paned windows, at least it keeps most of the noise from them inside the house.  I have another idea, how about we move them outside.  They don't have fur and I was here first.

Dog mom, don't worry when you see me sprawled out on the concrete out back, it is rather relaxing.  I know you get worried about me when you see me like that.  Also see above comment about the filtration of noise by the windows.

Forth, how do you propose that I go with you all in the car.  I have noticed three of those seats in the back seat, my back seat.  Just curious as to where I am supposed to fit because as you know I do not do boarding.

Feel free to respond to any of my questions above, especially the first one.  I just want to make sure that your trial period doesn't expire and we get stuck with all three of them.


Your dog Abbey.

P.S. Since I have posted this on your blog I figured that I would post a few pictures of moi.  Enjoy!
Striking a quick pose.

Me trying to get some sleep.  Something that doesn't seem to happen too often these days.

Moi, on my second birthday.


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