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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bold New City of the South.

Rian and I were excited when Melanie said she was heading over from the Bold New City of the South, also known as Jacksonville. Two and a half hours and four billboards later Melanie arrived in the Capital City just in time for the 3PM feed. Nothing says welcome quite like being handed a kid and a bottle.

It was a great weekend. We hit most of the big spots of Tallahassee; Red Elephant, Target, Another Broken Egg, Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery, Governor's Square, and Grammy and Gee. As the out of town folks can now tell there really isn't that much here.

Melanie had a super weekend here but had to head back to the River City on Monday. The Critters hope that she will be back soon.

Melanie with CarCar. Apparently Reese and Hadley are either enjoying tummy time or were caught in a drive-by.


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