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Friday, August 14, 2009


Shhhhhhhh.....................everybody away from the windows. No, he won't notice all the cars on the street.

Okay here he comes! SURPRISE!

My wonderful wife decided to throw me a surprise 31st birthday party. She had me leave the house all day Saturday so she could spiff it up and get it ready. Rian had Eric of the Grahamily blog run interference. We hit the Miracle Five showing of Food, Inc. (New Leaf here I come.) After that rather informative and rather gory movie we hit one of my favorite places, The Fermentation Lounge for a few beers.

Then the fun began with my surprise party.
It was a great turn out and I appreciate everyone that came out to celebrate. Rian went with a beers and BBQ theme, two of the best things in life. You can really notice when you are getting older, due to the fact of all of the critters at the party. It was really amazing seeing all of those babies at the party.

Big shout out to Grandma Barbara for driving up on Saturday to surprise me.

After everyone got their fill of beer, BBQ, and party time we all relaxed the rest of the night with a few more beers. Along with a newly acquired sampler 12 pack from the Boulder Brewing Company. (Thanks to the Couch Family.)

Sunday we tried to dine with the upper crust of Tallahassee at Sage, but alas to no avail. The critters now balloon our party size to seven and it can become difficult to get a table. So we were off to our staple, Another Broken Egg Cafe. Aside from it being about as warm as death valley in the restaurant, the food was excellent. We capped off Sunday with dinner from Ray's Steel City, which if you haven't been there I definitely recommend it. It looks a little rough on the outside but the food and beer selection it great.

Now on to the pictures from the soiree:

Mary (who also did a great job with the flowers), Sally Kate, Holly, and Rian.

The spread on the dining room table, BBQ headquarters.

Appetizer station.

Party time.

More party time.

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more party time, there is.
The wonderful host.
Thanks again for a great party.

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