Who are these Critters you speak of?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Critters Went Down (Well I guess actually up) to Georgia

Sorry I am a little behind on the ole posts. I was quite busy at the place of employment this week.

Well Saturday morning the Critters wanted to break out of the TLH and head north to greener pastures. Those pastures where in the little town of Thomasville. We piled in the car, and when I say piled I mean piled. We had four adults and three Critters in the Commander. Here is a seating chart for your reference:

If you squint you can make out the welcome to Georgia sign. Its a little difficult to get a good picture at 70mph.

After a short drive up there we headed into Liam's. The only thing that I knew about this place is that they didn't have anything ordinary on their menu and they had a coffee called the "rude awakening." I have to try any drink with that name. Well it surely lived up to billing. It came in a huge coffee cup, er bowl, that was reminiscent of the cups in So I Married an Axe Murderer. Let me tell you though, this coffee was pretty damn good.

The Rude Awakening.

Eerily similar.

For breakfast I had the pan perido (french toast). It was an interesting take on french toast, but not something that I would order again. Allison had the croquet madame, which looked really freaking good. Rian had the omelet, which she said was good, but looked blah to me. Kate had the quiche, which let me tell you I don't usually like quiche, and especially quiches with mushrooms but this was amazing. Oh I forgot that we also got beignets, which Rian said were as good as Cafe Du Monde, to which Kate promptly told to not speak such fallacies.

After breakfast we headed out to a little courtyard next to the restaurant to feed the Critters. This was their first outdoor dining experience. Nothing like a little sunshine, good scenery, and slightly chilled Neosure formula.

After that we headed back to Tallahassee, little did I know what was in store for the rest of the day...



  1. You are learning soooooo fast!!! This is a riot and I am proud of you (especially about getting used to dirty clothing. I told you--two years for never walking out the door with out a spot of something--and you know what that is!!)
    #20--Yup--He got me at "hello"!!!!!