Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenty Five things that I have learned so far.

Rian and I have had a crash course in baby raisin' in the past four months and here are a few things that we have learned:

1. I have learned to do most everything one-handed. If I really want to challenge myself I will try doing stuff with my left hand. (Crazy, I know).

2. Apparently we misplaced the manual that the hospital gave us. We seem to have way more questions than answers.

3. Baby spit-up isn't that gross.

4. Baby poop is that gross.

5. You suddenly start to worry about strange things, such as "Are her toes growing at the same rate?"

6. Formula. is. expensive. (Bring on the solid food.)

7. Target's return policy sucks.

8. Fisher Price baby swings are truly gifts from God.

9. Quiet time really is that good.

10. Time to your self evaporates quicker than gas on a hot sidewalk.

11. Baby's need a lot of accessories.

12. Finding decent boys clothes is difficult. Finding nice girls clothing is quite easy.

13. Whoever decided to put buttons on baby's clothes needs to be shot. Ya gotta go with snaps.
14. No matter what the noise is it seems that if it comes from a baby it is cute.

15. Most bibs suck. (Especially you, iPlay bibs.)

16. Abbey is great with the Critters.

17. I suddenly don't care if my clothes get dirty, as long as I'm having fun with the Critters. Your perspective definitely changes. (Anyone who knows me knows I like clothes (a lot) and am very particular about them.)

18. A smile from the Critter's can cure anything. (Similar to Tim Tebow's tears, according to Gator fans.) That will be the one and only mention of Tim Tebow in this blog. ever.

19. I didn't think it was possible to love three little things as much as I do.

20. Reese truly is a lady slayer.

21. It truly amazes me how long you can sit an watch children do absolutely nothing.

22. Soft spots on baby heads scare me. A lot.

23. Diaper companies really need to work on perfecting the art of keeping the pee in the diapers and not all over their clothes, positioners, and sheets.

24. Savor the time that they are young and cannot walk. It will be on once they get mobile.

25. The companies that make children's safety devices really didn't do a very good job. The kids always seem to be able to figure out ways around them, yet I am always confused on how to operate the devices, especially the ones for door handles.



  1. Chris- I love this blog!!!!! I enjoy reading your funny entries!! You definitely crack me up! LOVE the seating chart for your trip to GA! Too funny!!! I just love seeing those babies faces! They are the sweetest and hope to meet them soon! Love you guys!!! ((hugs))

  2. Chris,
    This blog truly is a treat! Thank you so much for keeping us updated! If you need another manual just let me know!!