Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


According to Rian we are prepared for hurricane season. The approach of Tropical Storm Claudette brought the topic up. Her plan is very simple, she heads to Atlanta with the critters and Abbey and I are left to protect the house. I think that Rian has visions of New Orleans post Katrina. I really don't think that the looting will quite reach that level here in Tallahassee. But to worry I will be prepared. If it does come to that point hopefully I can scare the looters off with a rake or maybe a small kitchen knife.

Unlike this tough guy, I will not be toting a shotgun to protect the casa.

I can just imagine the fun that the Abbster and I will have with no power and no way to cook. I guess it won't affect Abbey's ability to eat, but I would be living on fruit, cold soup, and goldfish crackers. Not to mention it will probably be in the mid-90s and 100% humidity. I almost forgot the mosquitoes, oh how I love those little guys.

This whole scenario has not even taken into account a tree falling on our home. That would just amplify the fun that Abbey and I would get to experience.

For everybody in Tallahassee feel free to head on over in the event of a hurricane to party at the our casa because you know I will be here.

If you do head on over, make sure to bring your umbrellas.


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