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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thirty One?

The strange lady says, "Happy Birthday Chris."

Thirty one years old? Really? That's 16,304,411.8 minutes. That will really put it in perspective. You know if they did ten year reunions for college mine would be in two years. Really? Why do I suddenly feel as though my body is falling apart. Everything seems to be stiff and sore. On second thought that may be due to my lack of sleep.

This years birthday is quite different than previous years. Rian and I had taken to traveling on my birthday, from Boston to Peru to Estonia. I don't really think that the critters would do to well on a transatlantic flight. Although they would do quite well with the leg room. In all honesty though this has been the best birthday I have had. There is nothing quite like starting your birthday at 3AM. In a previous life, I would be ending my birthday around that time. It was a great day though, I got to spend it with the three little critters. We had breakfast at Another Broken Egg with Melanie, Rian and the Critters. As always I went with Popeye's Favorite. Then on to Target to get some diapers. Not quite what people think of when they think of a big birthday bash. On to the 3PM feeding and then on to the mall to get Rian some clothes. Clothes for Rian? Wait who's birthday is this? Let me check the calendar, no its not April 9th. Oh well, she is happy with her new threads. Don't fret, I will also be getting some new threads. Unfortunately I don't get instant satisfaction due to the fact we don't have the J. Crew in town.

Well I will leave you all with some pictures from previous birthdays. Didn't get any pictures this year due to enjoying the day a little too much.

Tallinn, Estonia, 2006.

Flavor Graveyard, Ben and Jerry's, Vermont, 2007.

Peru, 4:45 AM, August 2, 2008.

Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2008.

Birthday Lunch, Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2008.
(Note: there appears to be a familiar business card to the left of my head. Maybe someone in Peru will have an insurance regulation question.)

Damn good beer. Period.


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