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Friday, August 7, 2009

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Well not everybody I guess.

We have another exciting weekend in store for us at the Meadows household. Grandma Kate zipped up from the Mouse House last night, and Rian's best friend Allison (Hadley's God Mother) is heading up today.

Allison has moved back to Orlando after an extended stay in Beantown, Boston for all of you not familiar with the reference. Home of baked beans, lobster rolls, and Red Sox Nation. Rian and I headed up to Boston for my birthday two years ago to visit Allison and head to an Orioles v. Red Sox's Game. It turns out this was one of the handful of games that Baltimore actually won. While up in Boston I also cultivated my love of lobster rolls. I really don't think that there is a much better sandwich (if we want to get technical it is actually more like a hoagie or sub) to be found on earth. I think that I was able to put down about three the week that we were there. While good on the tummy it wasn't so good on the wallet. Each mayolemonjuicesaltpepperandlobster goodness on a bun will set you back twenty bucks. While worth it in every sense of the word, it does give you a little pause.

Fenway Park

Off my tangent and back to the reason for this blog, the Critters. Rian, Kate, Allison, the Critters, and I will be heading up to Thomasville, Georgia for breakfast at Liam's. It is going to be quite a squeeze getting four adults and three children into the Commander. After Liam's we will probably stroll about for a little bit and then head back to the TLH. I apparently have the afternoon off, so I will take some time to get out for a beer or five. I'm not quite sure what the rest of the weekend will entail, but in the Meadows household there never seems to be a dull moment.

As always if anything earth shattering comes up this will be the first place to read about it, unless we somehow make the local news, which usually isn't a good thing.


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